XSG sponsored the Taiwanese Documentary Movie “Father”



It is our great honor to be the sponsor of the documentary movie “Father”. We participated in the premiere of the movie on September 18th with Vice President of Taiwan to celebrate the completion of this great movie, and to contribute to the preservation of Taiwan's traditional skills of art.

We would also like to invite our friends and partners to enjoy this touching movie in theaters, showing supports to those who dedicate to protect our traditional treasures.

While we are expanding our business globally, we always look for the best way to return to the society. We will continue to promote positive spirits and to take corporate social responsibilities.

XSG proudly enters strategic alliance with Yggdrasil, exclusively introducing award-winning games to Taiwanese gamers.



We are excited to announce a strategic alliance with Yggdrasil, a Malta-based slot game developer that has received repeated recognition as one of the industry’s leading game suppliers. Starting at September 13, 2018, XSG’s 08-online platform will exclusively distribute several of Yggdrasil’s hit games throughout Taiwan.

The cooperation is not only a global gaming pioneer’s affirmation of XSG's track record and business capabilities, but it also speaks volumes about the present state of Taiwan’s gaming market, which had recently become mature enough to start garnering attention throughout the world.

This is only the first step of XSG's venture onto the global gaming scene. In the future, we have plans to cooperate with gaming companies in many more countries to allow Taiwanese players to experience the world’s most exciting games firsthand.

XSG partners with Pili International Multimedia to release the "Legend of the Dragon Blade" online slot game



Over the years, Pili International Multimedia has succeeded in casting a cinematic spotlight onto Taiwan's traditional art form of hand-puppetry with state-of-the-art technology, capturing international audiences and elevating our vibrant cultural heritage onto the global stage.

Here at XSG, we're also known for placing innovation at the forefront of everything we do, adopting market-leading technology and cutting-edge business practices to deliver to our partners the best products and services available in the industry. Stepping beyond Taiwan and onto the global market, we pledge to strive every moment to be a world-class supplier of gaming technology.

It is thus with great honor for the opportunity to cooperate with Pili International Multimedia in releasing a cobranded online slot game based on its popular TV series "Legend of the Dragon Blade." We see this project as an ode to the Taiwanese culture, and hope that our cooperative relationship and solidary vision that we built with Pili will kindle a spark of inspiration for our passionate players!

Honorable Sponsorship with Taipei Game Developers Forum (TGDF) 2018



It is a great honor to sponsor and participate TGDF this year - the largest annual conference on game development in Taiwan. We had one such opportunity to be one of the key speakers to demonstrate the Mixed Reality technology on how MR devices resolve the complexity of its surroundings to achieve good performance, with insightful tips and tricks.

With our passion and ambition, we continue to shape the future of Asia's gaming landscape where comes to pushing the envelope of the gaming industry.

We cordially invite you to join us and write the next successful chapter in XSG’s history.

XSG wins Hot Hit Product award at G2E Asia


The trio of impressive Mixed Reality (MR) tech demo, award-winning LAN-based gaming systems, and exciting cross-platform casino games dazzled the show audience.


Our overarching theme at this year’s G2E Asia is “Expand Your Business”, which shines a spotlight on the diversity in our product offerings; whether catering to game developers or platform owners, online service providers or land-based operators, XSG assembles and supplies customized solutions complementary to our clients’ business models, thereby expanding their businesses

A big thank you to all the enthusiastic visitors who flooded our booth at G2E Asia this year. Our innovative products, such as the 8-seater fish hunting gaming cabinet “Fishing King EX” and the all-in-one gaming parlour management suite “Internet Café Gaming System (LS-02)”, managed to engross and captivate many. The surge of interest surrounding the LS-02 system, in particular, was such that the product managed to claim the top spots on the expo’s Hot Hits Products ranking board, winning us the much sought-after “Hot Hit” award.

Over the course of three days, other innovative solutions on display on our booth included the low-cost, high-return LAN Gaming System (LS-01), exciting cross-platform casino games, live streaming technology, and physical gaming cabinets. The icing on the cake was without a doubt our showcase of the world's first Mixed Reality fish hunting game – a culmination of our dedication to R&D and initiative in bringing the latest technology into the gaming industry.

We thank you all again for an amazing time in Macau, and look forward to next year’s G2E Asia!

XSG to make a splash in Macau at G2E Asia


New releases, popular games and an exciting vision for the future : XSG welcomes all to our booth.


Come and find out why XSG is such an exciting company at this year’s G2E Asia Held from May 15th -17th , G2E Asia is the world’s largest B2B gathering of gaming and entertainment movers and shakers.

We will be showcasing our popular gaming product portfolio, which includes exciting new releases. Furthermore, we will be showing off our new look at our booth.
Visitors are invited to pop by to experience the new XSG, and to discover our vision for the future in person.

See you in Macau!
Booth Number: 2305
Location: The Venetian Macao

The Orange X is born


We’ve full-on rebranded, dialed in our direction, and changed our look. Now you can bet on orange like never before.


We have changed our look to reflect our vision of the future and where we think we belong. We’re excited about what this all means. Our rebranding is the result of a rigorous process of reflection upon who we are as a company and how we can be more relevant to our customers. It is more in step with where we are going, who we strive to be.

We are putting more emphasis on our “X”: bold, strong, confident, and memorable. This is how we see our brand. You will also see plenty of Orange; in a way, we are “Betting on Orange”. As our slogan implies, this color will be associated with our passionate commitment to excellence, as well as finding win-win solutions for our clients.

See you in Macau!
Booth Number: 2305
Location: The Venetian Macao

Engineer to entrepreneur: the daring journey of Taiwan's iGaming tycoon


Setting a record US $57 million in annual revenue with naught but a single iGaming platform "08 Online", Stanley Ku, CEO of Xiang Shang Group (XSG) with a background in engineering, has made it big in his forties.



Graduating with a master's degree in information technology from Taiwan's esteemed National Chiao Tung University, Ku founded XSG in 2009, incorporating into the company the problem-solving tenacity of the engineer. From a humble start of 20 or so people, the company initially leveraged past experiences to work as a gaming software contractor, and the fulfillment of 4 or 5 US $600,000 orders was enough to make for a bountiful year. Following a few twists and turns along the way, however, Ku became wary of running a business on the whims of the clients, and he soon grasped the necessity of establishing one's own brand. When a particular client decided to suddenly withdraw its order, Ku gave the greenlight to see production to the end. As the product was finally brought online, misfortune blossomed into a miracle.

"08 Online" was released in 2011, and it alone made a record US $57 million in revenue during 2016, a figure more than doubling the company's capital. Success did not make Ku complacent, however, as he proactively directed business development into new sectors, accelerating R&D into seven major product lines and setting eyes on the global market. In simultaneously deepening and broadening XSG's scope of software and hardware expertise, Ku explained: "market trends are changing; everywhere competitors are blasting off with the latest technology. We mustn't view the island nation of Taiwan as our ultimate target market. We must march forward onto the world."


"The Taiwanese market does not possess the capacity to sustain long-term business development, so for a brand to last upwards of 50 years, the company's vision must follow the industry's trends," Ku noted, "this is why I aim to engage with every single product category within the industry."

XSG's recent licensing developments in the markets abroad have been promising: for instance, the "internet café system," launched May of last year with a multitude of built-in games, was licensed to several internet cafés in the US. These hot spots for local community gatherings provided for the company a revenue of US $1.2 million on the very first month, and in addition returned cuts of their monthly earnings thereafter. Assured of the potential behind the licensing model, Ku already has plans in place not only to duplicate the model in other countries, but also to further invest in the development of proprietary physical cabinets and circuit boards. "Diversification of our services allows us to get a clearer picture of our customer segments. Only then can we pinpoint our points of market entry."

"I'm not here to tackle the Taiwanese market, I'm here to build an extraordinary company! In five years' time I'll make XSG no. 1 in Asia!" As Ku makes his remarks, XSG's ascent onto the world stage has already begun.

For more, please reference Business Today issue #1084.

XSG to Showcase a Diverse Portfolio of Games at G2E Asia


A provider of industry-leading gaming solutions, Xiang Shang Group (XSG) will once again be a part of G2E Asia in 2017.


A provider of industry-leading gaming solutions, Xiang Shang Group (XSG) will once again be a part of G2E Asia in 2017. This year, the company's focus will be on its increasingly diverse range of gaming services, exhibiting the social-media-enabled mobile game "Bravo Casino," the self-developed gaming platform "08 Online," the visually polished fish hunting game "Fish Hunter," LAN base solution tailor-made for easily setting up shops in cybercafés, and live dealer technology designed to facilitate real-time video broadcasts.

The live dealer technology, in particular, is expected to be the star of the exhibition, for not only does it enable live gaming operations to promote an air of fairness, but also the possibility of simultaneous bidding. Coupled with an intuitive user interface, players will be able to screen multiple tables with ease, culminating in more enjoyable and less time-consuming gaming experiences.

"At this year's G2E Asia, our primary goal is set on offering gaming entertainment platforms with contents so diverse and prolific as to attract customers with widely differing needs," explained Stanley Ku, CEO of XSG. "Our technical and branding expertise are exhibited through XSG’s in-house development and marketing capabilities. Coupled with fully-staffed R&D, customer service, quality assurance, and sales teams, we have become the top gaming platform company in Asia. It is our hope that by partaking in this exhibition, we can propel the XSG brand into the global spotlight."

XSG cordially invites visitors to visit its booth, #1751 at the Venetian Macao, for the duration of G2E Asia from May 16th through May 18th. For more information.

XSG to Make its Debut at GTI 2017


The 24th GTI Taipei Expo will be held at Zone A, Exhibition Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center from May 11th through May 13th, 2017.


The 24th GTI Taipei Expo will be held at Zone A, Exhibition Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center from May 11th through May 13th, 2017. Xiang Shang Group (XSG), with its headquarters based in Taichung, will be attending the event for the first time. With 727m2 of show floor, it will play host to the largest booth of all the exhibitors present. At this year’s GTI, the company will be exhibiting products including the social-media-enabled mobile game “Bravo Casino,” the self-developed gaming platform “08 Online,” the visually polished fish hunting game “Fish Hunter,” LAN base solution tailor-made for easily setting up shops in cybercafés, and live dealer technology designed to facilitate real-time video broadcasts.

XSG has a solid technical foundation in its ability to internally develop, market, and operate its products, and so when the company released streamlined one-stop services, it became an industry leader in terms of both experience and efficiency. In the first half of year 2016, XSG further collaborated with Taichung City Government, Asia University, and Feng Chia University to prepare the next generation of Taiwanese youths for the world stage via studying APP development.

The stage activities at XSG’s booth in this year’s event will be held on May 12th and 13th. There will be show girls giving fans one-on-one gameplay tutorials, 20% discounts on premium package purchases, as well as sweepstake tickets accompanying said purchases. The three giveaway events will require participating audience members to check in on Facebook or download app games, answer questions during quiz shows, or go on stage to compete against other players. The prize pool will total nearly $1 million NTD and will include prizes such as iPhone 7 Plus and PS4. XSG cordially invites fans to visit and experience the exciting events at booth A41. For more information.