Low down payment turn-key system. Game library live updates.

Our all-in-one internet café gaming suite combines gaming contents and management functions to fit operational needs. Built from the ground up for maximum flexibility and long-term viability, it is designed to minimize time-to-market and streamline the conversion of internet cafés into gaming parlours; installation of the system can take as little as one day.

One central feature of the system focuses on maximizing flexibility to better suit the needs of individual operators. To this end, the system itself is compatible with a large assortment of hardware configurations. For instance: the choice between cabinet or PC-based gaming setups, or the additions of peripheral hardware such as bill acceptors and touch screens.

Some of the other features, such as a cloud-based management system with intuitive user interface, minimize the operators’ staff training costs. An automated live update feature further allows operations to remain undisrupted while new games are being downloaded and installed, ensuring the system always stays up-to-date.

The LS-02 system is available in both an entry-level configuration and a deluxe configuration, the former of which provides a competitive and smooth gaming experience while minimizing hardware investments.

Key Features

Low hardware requirement. Recoup investments in 45 days.

  • he system supports both cabinet and PC terminals, maximizing flexibility in creating the desired gaming parlours.
  • Deluxe version on offer takes advantage of more modern hardware to provide even better gaming experience.

Professional assistance in setting up system. No prior experience required.

  • System adjustable according to local requirements.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Setup in 3 days.
  • Provides operational suggestions based on prior success.

Comprehensive operational data collection assists in revenue optimization.

  • Cloud-based management system provides remote data accessibility. Intuitive user interface minimizes staff training costs.
  • Embedded operation and player behavior reports provide valuable business insights.
  • Built-in market-proven promotion programs, such as leaderboards and timed promotions, incentivize player spending.

Outstanding track record.

  • #1 market share in the USA.
  • Operates across nearly 300 sites in one US state.
  • 100,000 unique players each month.
  • Record monthly profit of 400,000 USD from a single gaming parlour.