Deploy in 1 day. Recoup investment in 45 days.

The system gets more powerful as your business grows; our LAN gaming suite offers unlimited jackpots that pool from as many gaming parlours as you operate, which have been shown to increase total bids by four times in just one year. The system supports both cabinet and PC terminals as well as a wide range of peripheral hardware such as bill acceptors and touch screens, maximizing your flexibility in creating the desired gaming parlour.

A defining feature the LS-01 offers is to have the player terminals run uninterrupted even without constant internet connection. This allows operators to provide uncompromising gaming services even in places with hard-to-access internet infrastructure. The system also comes with a suite of intuitive business management systems that minimize staff training costs and cloud-based management systems that provide remote data accessibility.

Key Features

Low initial cost. Recoup investments in 45 days.

  • The system supports both cabinet and PC terminals, maximizing flexibility in creating the desired gaming parlour.
  • Optional progressive jackpots that pool from multiple gaming parlours, increasing total bids by four times.
  • No constant internet connection required.
  • Customizable to satisfy local market requirements.

Professional setup support. No prior experience required.

  • 24/7 online technical support.
  • Setup in 3 days.
  • Provides operational suggestions based on prior success.
  • A new game every month.

Comprehensive operational data collection assists in revenue optimization.

  • Intuitive business management system minimizes staff training costs.
  • Cloud-based management system provides remote data accessibility.

Supports a wide range of peripherals.

  • Bill acceptors.
  • Buttons.
  • Touch screens.