Market-proven. Cross-platform. All-in-one gaming solution.

We have nearly a decade of experience building and operating market-proven iGaming platforms for the fast-growing Asian market. Aside from creating our own innovative games, the most successful game developers in the world trust us with successfully launching their products! We also provide the technology and know-how of running a successful online social casino to our partners abroad.


With over 80 games split across 5 genres (slot, casino, multiplayer, pachislot, and live games) and registered users numbering more than 3 million (more than 33% of Taiwan’s gaming population), our flagship iGaming platform offers the widest variety of slot and casino games in the market and has consistently topped the charts, in terms of both downloads and revenue, year after year in Taiwan’s Google Play Store and App Store.

Besides supporting both iOS and Android devices, the all-in-one online casino is also playable from a PC web browser. With robust chatrooms and 24/7 bilingual customer support, it is able to integrate third-party games in both Flash and HTML5 formats.

Bravo Casino

Redefining the “social” aspect in social casino games, Bravo Casino is a global gaming platform conceived with the goal of maximizing ARPU and user retention by providing an optimized experience of player-to-player social interaction. From gift systems and personal achievements to daily missions and guild rankings, proven game mechanics from other genres in mobile gaming have been seamlessly integrated into the classic slot game experience, providing multiple incentives for recurrent user spending.

The shift to the portrait slot gaming experience on mobile devices mimicked the latest development in vertical slot cabinets and made possible the innovative dual screen display. This has the effect of extending our customers’ target age group, balancing out the gender ratio, and in general appealing to a wider audience. Tournament events and data-driven timed promotions have proven to be successful in maintaining a steady revenue stream.

Bravo Casino is capable of integrating third-party games in both Flash and HTML5 formats, and is offered in multiple languages for both the Android and iOS markets.